Saxperience - Antonio Cánovas


This duet is made up of two young performers: Antonio Cánovas (Saxophone) and Elena Miguélez (Piano). The ensemble was created with the goal of making the chamber music repertoire of the classic saxophone better known. As a result, they have performer numerous concerts and recitals, for instance: 

Auditorium "Principe Felipe", Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias and Conservatory of Music in Oviedo, Spanish Music Festival in León (Spain); Trinity College of Music of London and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (United Kingdom); Prince Claus Conservatoire of Groningen (The Netherlands); Royal Conservatory of Music of Antwerpen (Belgium)Conservatorio de Musica "San Pietro a Majella" of Naples (Italy), etc.

The saxophone is an instrument that, in spite of its youth, has attracted the attention of many great composers such as Debussy, Ibert, Villa-Lobos, Hindemith, etc, (just to name a few) Although it has developed mainly within the jazz world, the saxophone has been used in an interesting and varied manner within the realms of classical music.

This repertoire, in spite of the quality and quantity of pieces, is little known by the general public. Due to its wide variety of styles, the lack of knowledge of this combination, as well as its sonority, rich in dynamics, expressiveness, an unusual but suggestive timbre and other many elements, this ensemble has proven to be very appealing to the public.

In addition, the repertoire of the duo covers the time period from the invention of the saxophone in 1840 in the middle of romanticism, to the most recent contemporary music (XXI century) including contributions from impressionism, neo-classicism, polytonality, serialism… which, together with pieces affected by a clear popular taste, close to jazz and south-american music (Piazzola, Villa-lobos…) make this duo a very peculiar ensemble; attractive both for those interested in discovering new sonorities as well as those who merely want to listen to good music.

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